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Brand Strategy & Video Client Testimonial Services

Powerful marketing services to help you grow.


Building a brand is about establishing trust, and it starts with your messaging.

What story are you telling, and how effective is it at engaging your target audience? Is it compelling and does it call your prospects into action?

This is the foundation of partnering with BETA Consulting Group. Once we establish your StoryBrand, then we focus on plugging the holes in your sales and marketing processes to create synergy and efficiency in generating leads and driving revenue.

Our Marketing Services

2x your sales with client testimonial videos! We'll handle the entire process from outreach to video editing. 100% virtual!


We'll help you clarify your message so prospects know exactly what you do. Position yourself in the market with 100% clarity. No noise!

Purple Podiums

How The Process Works

The process is simple. 

You Send Us the Contact Information of Your Favorite Clients


We Reach Out, Send Them Equipment, and Handle All Logistics


We'll Send You an Edited & Branded Client Testimonial Video You Can Use For Years to Come!


What Our Clients Have to Say

"We are seen by our customers now!"

"Our customer based wanted to talk about us, but we just didn't have the time to do it..."

"I'm having to explain less when I engage people about what I do"

Before working with BETA Consulting Group, we were stumbling through our business and we knew something was missing. After meeting Trey in person, we quickly knew how valuable his knowledge of the industry was! Since the day we began working together, BETA Consulting Group has brought value beyond measure, starting with helping clarify our brand, mission and vision, and giving us the confidence to go after new ventures! Our partnership with BETA Consulting Group is invaluable, and I HIGHLY recommend working with them immediately!"

Racquelle Pakutz, Founder & CEO, ZEN Freight Solutions


Imagine a World Where...

Your clients sell your product/service for you.

Prospects immediately understand what you offer.

Your sales material just works!

We will make that a reality for your team! Book a 15-minute discovery call below. No obligation. 100% free.

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