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Swag Ideation

Our story starts and ends with passion, focus and a dedication to helping our clients grow their brands, build their audiences and get more at-bats with the right prospects.

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BETA Consulting Group started in early 2022 with a mission to build great brands in the transportation industry.  We use the Storybrand framework to clarify your message and ensure everyone in your organization is using the right words, because when you confuse your audience, you lose your opportunity.

With over a decade of sales & marketing experience in transportation, we've felt the sting, the frustration of not having great marketing in your corner, hindering your sales efforts.

We've also experienced the momentum that excellent marketing creates in accelerating sales.  Slow growth and no growth negatively impact the morale of an organization,
and we take pride in guiding you out of that valley
and onto the mountaintop.

Swag Ideation

Meet the Team

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Podcast Host

Standing Out
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Trey Griggs

Trey loves a great brand.  Chick-Fil-A.  Apple.  Tesla.  Freightvana.  Tiger Woods.  Serena Williams.  Gary Vaynerchuk.  The Armchair Attorney.  He can't get enough, constantly learning about what makes them so valuable and how they were built.


Trey experiences so much fulfillment coaching CEOs and their teams on branding and messaging, guiding them to build a lasting brand that attracts the right customers and the right team members.  He is also a skilled writer, producing website copy, customer testimonial and social media content.  C-level executives and sales & marketing leaders rely on Trey to promote and build collaboration between sales and marketing teams in order to grow revenue.  


Trey also has a passion for podcasting, facilitating conversations with executives to share valuable insights.  He hosts two weekly podcasts, including The Word on the Street LIVE with the #StreetCrew, and Standing Out: a podcast about sales, marketing & leadership with industry experts in those areas of business.


Finally, Trey loves his family - his beautiful and incredibly gracious wife, Tammy, and their two daughters, Hannah & Naomi.  He is addicted to travel, singing barbershop music, golf and remodeling, and he loves driving his orange Jeep Wrangler.  


Coleman Ruffin

With a career deeply rooted in the supply chain and logistics space, Coleman has honed his skills across various domains including operations, sales, training and development, and recruitment.  


Coleman's passion lies in making a meaningful impact on both individuals and brands alike.  Often recognized as a "Glue Guy", Coleman takes pride in being the cohesive force that binds teams together, fostering collaboration and success.   

Beyond the professional realm, you'll find Coleman embracing the great outdoors, spending time with family, and attempting to play the game of golf!

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Morgan Vertner

Morgan Vertner is an energetic and innovative Communications Director known for her expertise in managing social media platforms. With a keen eye for creativity, Morgan brings a fresh and engaging approach to her work, always seeking out new ways to captivate audiences.


Beyond her professional life, Morgan finds joy in spending quality time with her family,  immersing herself in the world of horror movies, planning an event, or making a list of some kind. Whether crafting captivating messages or curating engaging content, Morgan seamlessly blends her professional expertise with a passion for creativity in all aspects of her life.


Natalia Navas

Meet Natalia Navas, a Podcast Director who finds joy in crafting content and videos. With a passion for design and creativity, she brings a positive energy to her role, ensuring a blend of creativity with the strategic aspects of podcast production.


Beyond the podcasting realm, she cherishes moments of travel, capturing the beauty of landscapes through her lens, reading, and other artistic outlets.

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