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We Are Sales and Marketing Consultants Who Make You Money

The BETA Consulting Group team

A Track Record of Rock Solid Marketing & Sales Experience 

With decades of experience in the logistics industry as sales professionals and marketers, we are sales and marketing consultants who get it.

We get the challenges and the frustrations of building a winning sales and marketing team.


We get the pain and consequences of missing quotas and revenue targets.

We get the impact stagnant growth has on the morale of an organization.

And we are here to help guide you out of that valley and onto the mountaintop.

BETA Consulting Group started in early 2022 with a mission of guiding companies to sustained growth through sales and marketing strategies that work.  We use the Storybrand framework to clarify your message and ensure everyone in your organization is using the right words, because when your message is fuzzy, so are your results.


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Standing Out
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Trey Griggs

Trey enjoys coaching CEOs and their teams on branding and messaging, guiding them to build a lasting brand that attracts the right customers and team members.  He is also a skilled writer producing website content, blogs, white papers, customer testimonials and social media content.  C-level executives and sales & marketing leaders rely on Trey to promote and build collaboration between sales and marketing teams in order to grow revenue.  


Trey also has a passion for podcasting, facilitating conversations with executives to share valuable insights.  He hosts four weekly podcasts, including The Word on the Street LIVE with the #StreetCrew, Iron Minds with Hayden Allred, and The Full Send Podcast with PGA Tour Player Jared Wolfe, as well as a twice-a-week LIVE show called Standing Out: a podcast about sales, marketing & leadership. 

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Learn From Sales & Marketing Experts

Each day we have a guest who has a unique perspective on sales, marketing and/or leadership that provides insights to help the audience grow.


Imagine a World Where...

Your clients sell your product/service for you.

Prospects immediately understand what you offer.

Your sales material just works!

We can help make that a reality! Book a 15-minute discovery call below. No obligation. 100% free.

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